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Walenty Pytel


Commissions have included Lloyds of London, Royal Caribbean cruise line, Chanel perfume, Cadbury's, Mitchell and Butlers and Bacardi.

The artist undertakes sculptural fine art works individually fabricated in steel.
Works range from table top to monumental in scale.

For commissions call 01989 780 780 or contact Walenty by clicking here.


Walenty Pytel ARBS . NDD

Polish sculptor Walenty Pytel is unique amongst contemporary artists. He is internationally renowned as Europe's leading metal sculptor of birds and beasts and is one of the worlds finest craftsmen. His inspired creations are drawn from nature and transform metal into works of living art.

Original sculptures are in mild steel and range from small table size to large courtyard pieces. Limited editions are available in bronze. His work is commissioned by business as gifts, boardroom art and architectural sculptures and fountains. Sculptures adorn office buildings, courtyards, gardens, banks, hotels, conference centers, shopping centers and factories throughout Britain and the World.

Much of his work is destined for private collectors and the corporate world, as interior design features or gifts of unusual distinction. With commissions also from Royalty, governments, public bodies, architects and many councils.

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